Tour D' Bass 2016 is in the books

Thanks to the 33 people that worked hard today to make the ride run smoothly. We had our fair share of lost riders and wrong turns, and even had to dispatch an ambulance to a bicycle wreck, but we worked through it all.

The event coordinators were again pleased with our help. We logged 290 transmissions in our radio log today.

If you couldn't help his year, we hope you will give it a try next year.


James Adkins, KB0NHX

Meeting October 8th 2016

The next meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio club is Saturday October 8th at 6pm at the Nixa Fire Station 711 N. Main.  VE testing will be available at 4:30pm at the same location

At the October meeting, we will be taking nominations for the next club Vice-President.  This position serves for (4) calendar years.  Each year the club nominates and replaced one club officer.  Unlike other clubs that replace all officers annually, the Nixa club only changes one position annually so that we have a continuity of club operation and cooperation.  The Vice-President steps in to conduct meetings in the absence of the President, and helps out with other club tasks.  One task currently is housing the club's library, and checking out books when requested.  The Vice-President is also a part of the decision making team that meets once a quarter with other club officers.  In the past, the Vice-President has also organized the club's Field Day festivities and written an article for the club's newsletter, Open Mic.  Voting for the club's next Vice-President will be held at the club's November meeting, which will be held the week AFTER the hamfest at the Pizza Hut in Nixa. 

We will be providing communications for the 2016 Tour D' Bass on October 9th and the 2016 Dogwood Canyon Trail run on October 16th.  

We have several members who worked on the Bike MS earlier this month and put our communications trailer through it's paces.  They were pleased with how well it worked during the event.  

We are already starting to assemble a net control team for 2017.  If you would be willing to run the net one Thursday a month, please email James Adkins, KB0NHX, at [email protected].  Please list your preference for running the net on the first, second, third, fourth or fifth Thursday of the month.    

New Youth Net

A brand new net targeted at younger amateur radio operators debuts this Sunday, September 4th on the Southwest Missouri Regional Skywarn linked repeaters.  The purpose of this net is to provide a forum to encourage young amateur radio operators and their families to key up and get out on the air and to create an educational awareness among these operators about Skywarn and basic weather facts.

The Skywarn Youth Net will meet on all full-time-linked Southwest Missouri Regional Skywarn repeaters every Sunday evening at 7:30. During severe weather outbreaks, this net will be pre-empted to allow for official Skywarn traffic on this repeater system.

Each net will start by taking check-in’s from young hams (approximately ages 25 and younger) and from any licensed hams within their immediate household. It will then open up to hams who have youths within their households who are not yet licensed but who are interested in getting their licenses. Those hams can then properly (in accordance with FCC Rules Sec. 97.115) allow these future hams to check in as a third party if they wish. Finally, any and all licensed hams will be invited check in.

As this net grows and evolves, we hope to create and present brief educational segments. For example, one segment, entitled “Skywarn Youth: Did You Know”, will involve a quick (about a minute long) summary about a specific weather-related fact, and it will be presented by one of our younger hams. This and other segments will be posted on the new “Skywarn Youth” section of this website.  Click on the “Skywarn Youth” tab on the navigation menu.

We invite all young hams, their families and the amateur radio community in general to support this net by checking in every Sunday evening at 7:30. Young hams are the future of this hobby, and we encourage them to get involved, to get out on the air and talk, and to invite their friends to become hams as well. We also hope that all participants will learn more about Skywarn activities and about weather.

Frequencies and EchoLink for this net are:
Fordland/Springfield 145.490 (-) PL: 136.5
Joplin: 145.350 (-) PL 91.5
Walnut Grove: 147.330 (+) PL 162.2
Buffalo: 147.180 (+) PL 136.5
Branson: 147.105 (+) PL 162.2
and EchoLink Node: 291849 or N∅NWS-R

Volunteers Needed Dogwood Canyon Trail Run

Good evening again,

As we spoke about at this month's club meeting, we are also looking to provide communications for the 2016 Dogwood Canyon Trail Run on Sunday, October 16th.  This event is held near Lampe, MO in Stone County at the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  We will need (12) total volunteers so that we can split the event up into a morning shift and an afternoon shift.  The morning shift will run from 6:30 a.m. until 12:30 and the afternoon shift from 12:00 until 5:30 p.m.  We need the following spots to commit to the event

(3) rest stops 
(2) supply trucks 
(2) Net Control operators

Net Control will be run out of the club's communications trailer, and we will likely deploy a portable repeater system for the event.  Rest stops do NOT have commercial power, so if you want to operate a rest stop you will need a battery with your radio, a small generator, or perhaps an HT with some type of base station antenna (J-Pole, etc.).  

I do not have the exact locations of the rest stops yet - it may be that all that will be needed is an HT and spare battery(s).  At the rest stops, you will be paired with other non-hams - we will be communicating supply needs at the rest stops and allowing supply trucks to communicate with NCS and rest stops.

This is a neat event - I need to have commitments from 12 people that want to do this before I will commit amateur radio to the event.  

If you have questions, or would like to volunteer, let me know soon.

James Adkins