Repeater Update

Update:  antennas for the 442.425 and 224.280 were moved today and both repeaters are back on the air.  A better antenna was installed on the 224.280 in the process and thus far repeater to repeater interference at Cox has been taken care of with these antenna moves

442.425 Repeater Outage Scheduled

The 442.425 repeater WILL be offline on Thursday, 5-21-15 and possibly into Friday, 5-22-15, as renovations to the Cox South penthouse are completed and our antenna moved.  

The antenna will be moved from the SE corner of the penthouse to the north side, near the center of the penthouse.

This means that NONE of the Nixa ARC repeaters will be usable for the net Thursday, 5-21-15 as the 442.425 acts as the HUB repeater that links the 53.270, 145.270 and 224.280 repeaters

We will let you know when the repeater is back on the air,

Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Antenna Party

From Bill Gilmore KC0TCF

Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio will host an "antenna party" on May 16, 2015 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Brighton Assembly of God Church, 3407 Hwy F, Brighton MO.  It is at the same location as the OMAR Hamfest held in January 2015.  You enter thru the most southern door (left when facing the church building).  Bring your antenna projects and tools.  Help with your project should be only a request away.  Many who attend have experience in building antennas of many designs and differing materials. 
This is always a great event!   Hope to see you there!  

145.27 Repeater back on the air

145.270 repeater had been shut off due to a localized interference source.  The repeater is back on for normal operation.