NARC NET Announcements 1/22/15

========= CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS ========
The next Club meeting will be Saturday, Feb 14th, at 6:00pm at the Nixa Fire Station located at 711 N Main St in Nixa, MO. There will be a VE test session prior to the meeting.  The presentation this month will be a continuation of a presentation from Bob N7WY about GPS signal and data structures, how receiver location is determined, how being in network improves performance, and what else is in a portable navigation device.

January 10, 2015 NARC Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting brought to order  at 18:15 by James Adkins, KB0NHX.

There were 17 people in attendance
Jeff Morrissey gave the treasurers report which is attached below

James  announced that Bill Kastler KF0IQ will be new editor for the club newsletter.  

James announced that Bill Kastler KF0IQ and Mark West KB0TBZ have agreed to serve on the technical committee.

James reported that he had visited the Branson tower site and had taken photos. Due to A/V equipment problems we were unable to view the photos at the January 2015 meeting.  James also reported that the ground work has been completed at the site. The repeater is installed at ground level and we are just waiting for a tower crew to install the antennas. 

CU is getting close to getting a contract to do work at 015 site and will be replacing a bad jumper at the site.

A representative of the the Nixa Community Foundation presented a check for $1000  for use towards the purchase of a club emergency communications trailer.  Photos of the presentation will be published in the club newsletter.  

James spoke about other funding opportunities to go towards purchase and setup of the trailer.

Bob Rennard N7WY gave us a preview of his talk on GPS and Portable navigation devices.  Since he was unable to deliver the power point part of his presentation due to an A/V issues with the computer, he has graciously agreed to present to us again at the February 2015 meeting.  

We had a number people renew their club membership for 2015 at the December meeting and an anonymous member donation in support of the club.  You can join online at www.nixahams.netand then by clicking the "join" link and filling out the quick form for our records.  Dues can be received in person at a club meeting, online after the online registration is complete via PayPal promptings, or via postal mail to:  Nixa ARC, P.O. Box 467, Nixa, MO  65714-0467.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:05 by James Adkins, KB0NHX

Treasurers report:
NARC Main Account

Beginning Balance:    $438.93 with $30 in petty cash


Debit Total $0

$24.00 Dues
$100.00 Anonymous donation 
$0.14 Dividend

Credit Total $124.24

Ending Balance:  $563.07 with $30 in petty cash


Beginning Balance $2160.63


Debit Total $0

$0.63 Dividend

Credit Total $0.63

Ending balance $2,161.26

2015 Net Control Operator Schedule

Monthly Net Control Stations:
1st Thursday - James French, KC0TQD -
2nd Thursday - Dennis Kimrey, W0HL -
3rd Thursday - Jerry Miller, WB5EFD -
4th Thursday - Ken Reeder, WB0QWZ -
5th Thursday - James Adkins, KB0NHX -

DateNet ControlWeek #
1/1/2015James French1
1/8/2015Dennis Kimrey2
1/15/2015Jerry Miller3
1/22/2015Ken Reeder4
1/29/2015James Adkins5
2/5/2015James French1
2/12/2015Dennis Kimrey2
2/19/2015Jerry Miller3
2/26/2015Ken Reeder4
3/5/2015James French1
3/12/2015Dennis Kimrey2
3/19/2015Jerry Miller3
3/26/2015Ken Reeder4
4/2/2015James French1
4/9/2015Dennis Kimrey2
4/16/2015Jerry Miller3
4/23/2015Ken Reeder4
4/30/2015James French1
5/7/2015Dennis Kimrey2
5/14/2015Jerry Miller3
5/21/2015Ken Reeder4
5/28/2015James Adkins5
6/4/2015James French1
6/11/2015Dennis Kimrey2
6/18/2015Jerry Miller3
6/25/2015Ken Reeder4
7/2/2015James French1
7/9/2015Dennis Kimrey2
7/16/2015Jerry Miller3
7/23/2015Ken Reeder4
7/30/2015James Adkins5
8/6/2015James French1
8/13/2015Dennis Kimrey2
8/20/2015Jerry Miller3
8/27/2015Ken Reeder4
9/3/2015James French1
9/10/2015Dennis Kimrey2
9/17/2015Jerry Miller3
9/24/2015Ken Reeder4
10/1/2015James French1
10/8/2015Dennis Kimrey2
10/15/2015Jerry Miller3
10/22/2015Ken Reeder4
10/29/2015James Adkins5
11/5/2015James French1
11/12/2015Dennis Kimrey2
11/19/2015Jerry Miller3
11/26/2015Ken Reeder4
12/3/2015James French1
12/10/2015Dennis Kimrey2
12/17/2015Jerry Miller3
12/24/2015Ken Reeder4
12/31/2015James Adkins5

2015 Monthly Club Meeting Schedule

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. meets at 6:00 P.M. on the following dates:
SaturdayJanuary 10, 2015 (No Test session due to testing at OMAR hamfest)
SaturdayFebruary 14, 2015
SaturdayMarch 14, 2015
SaturdayApril 11, 2015
SaturdayMay 09, 2015
SaturdayJune 13, 2015
SaturdayJuly 11, 2015
SaturdayAugust 8, 2015
SaturdaySeptember 12, 2015 (NARC Picnic, No Test Session)
SaturdayOctober 10, 2015
SaturdayNovember 14, 2015 (NO MEETING due to NARC hamfest)
SaturdayDecember 12, 2015 (No Test Session)

Date subject to change.  Changes will be announced on the website

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