NARC NET Announcements 2017-02-23

Club Announcements

The next meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio club is Saturday March 11th at 6pm. VE Testing session will be held before the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

During the March Meeting, KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty will be presenting on Severe Weather as we begin severe weather season in the Ozarks.


Rob Huelga, W3LGA- Nixa ARC VE Team Leader reports that February's testing session saw two new hams (one passed Tech and the other passed both Tech and General) as well as a third ham successfully upgrading to General. Congratulations to all!


This would also be a great meeting to catch up with Treasurer Jeff Morrissey, KB0WVT and pay your dues for 2017. Individual dues remain at $12 with family dues at $18 (family members living in your house) payable by check to Nixa ARC or cash. You can always renew online at and clicking on the "Join N.A.R.C." link on the left hand side of the website

We have a new way to communicate! We have moved all the information that was our previous yahoo group to If you were a member of the yahoo group you already got an email about the move, but if you'd like to sign up you can go to and subscribe.


If you get the ARRL Contest Journal, you might want to check out Bob Rennard's post (N7WY) in the ARRL contest journal. Congrat's, Bob!

From Mike Sanders K0AZ 

The OARS hamfest is coming Saturday March 25, 2017 from 8am - 1pm

We are just about a month away from H day in MT Vernon

Russ K5TUX the Linux guy will be giving a forum on Linux in the Ham Shack at

For latest and greatest flyer information you can check it out on

From Larry Scantlan, KEØKZ

HB 136 - important update!


Rep. Bryan Spencer has just informed me that Rep. Jay Barnes, Chairman of the Rules-Administrative Oversight Committee, has stated that our Bill may be on his calendar next week for debate and vote. Rep. Spencer also stated that Speaker of the House, Rep. Todd Richardson, told him that he would get our Bill out of the Rules Committee. So, we need to politely ask both Reps. Barnes and Richardson to move our Bill along through the Rules Committee and onto the full House floor for debate and Perfection vote as soon as possible. I've included the contact information for each of these Representatives below. Please take the time to let them know of your support for this Bill and ask them to move it forward.

Rep. Jay Barnes, District 60, 573-751-2412, jay.barnes@

Rep. Todd Richardson, District 152, 573-751-4039, todd. [email protected]

Thank you for taking action and showing our representatives that this is important to us.


Larry Scantlan, KEØKZ
Wentzville, MO

From Mike Hoffman KD0iWW

In anticipation of some interest following the Weather Expo at Battlefield Mall and the KY3 SAFE & SOUND at the Empire Fairgrounds, Greene County ARES will be hosting a beginner's TECHNICIAN class on April 8th & 15th (2 Saturdays) 9am-3pm with a break for lunch. Classes will be held at the OACAC central office at 215 S Barnes (Chestnut Exp & Barnes) just across the street from the FedEx Shipping and Oreilly Training Centers. You can bring a sack lunch or run out to a restaurant along N Glenstone. Testing is scheduled for the 15th, 1pm-3pm as the end of the 2nd class. We will be using the Gordon West Technician book (make sure it is the 2014-2018 edition and not an older version that expired July 2014). Those can be purchased at Amazon, Ebay, or W5YI or a multitude of other for Gordon West Technician Study Guide.

Class is FREE, Study guide <$25, Testing fee is $14. Reservations are highly recommended as class size is a minimum of 5 and max of 25. Mike-417-569-5586. If the class must be cancelled or postponed, we cannot contact you to let you know unless you have registered your intentions and your contact info!


The committee hearing for House Bill 136, Missouri Amateur Radio Parity Act (MARPA) was conducted (Jan 24th) in Jefferson City, MO. Approximately twenty Missouri hams filled the hearing room in support with ten of those prepared to speak on behalf of the Bill before the committee. Due to time constraints, however, we were only allowed four testimonies. Those testifying were Lawerence Gonnello, Sr, ACØFD, Gary Vaught, W9TIG, Randy Schulze, KDØHKD and Ward Silver, NØAX. Rep. Mike Moon, District 157, voiced his basic support for the amateur radio service, but raised his concern about "violating" private, land-use agreements. He then suggested that hams could place antennas in a stealth design such as wire along the eaves of a roof or in the attic as ways to continue to operate without breaking HOA rules. Additional questions were asked from Reps., Phil Christofanelli, District 105 and Paul Fitzwater, District 144 about the size of an antenna. Rep. Jerome Barnes, District 28, Rep. Paul Fitzwater, District 144 and Rep. Phil Christofanelli, District 105 all stated that they were in favor of the Bill. While I believe we could have done a better job in answering the questions about antenna size, I believe that overall the committee received the information they needed to make a favorable decision to pass it out of their committee. The only person testifying in opposition to the Bill was Jim Durham representing the HOAs and, in the end, he basically stated that he believed that something positive could be worked out to satisfy everyone.
Now we wait for the committee to bring it up for a vote. In the meantime, we need to continue to contact our respective representatives and ask for their support. I encourage everyone to utilize our website,, as there is plenty of information and resources to help you in contacting your Missouri State Representative and Senator. There is also a Blog where you can contribute to the discussion about this Bill and other ham-related issues. You may have an experience or some knowledge about this which can help us all in our communicating the positives of this Bill.
Thanks to all who attended the hearing and especially those who testified on behalf of us all. This was only the beginning so stay vigilant and ready to act.


Larry Scantlan, KEØKZ

Nixa ARC January Meeting - Saturday January 14th at 1:30pm

Just a reminder! The next meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio club is Saturday January 14h at 1:30pm. VE Testing session will be before the meeting at 12:00 p.m.
Note the earlier meeting time. In February, we will move back to our normal meeting time.
We will be discussing installing your 6m and up mobile radio in your vehicle - this is a must for those considering installing a mobile in their vehicle, or fine-tuning what they already have.

Warsaw SMLRS Repeater online!

It's time to re-program your radios!

The SMLRS has a new repeater on the SMLRS system located in Warsaw, MO.

The repeater is on 147.075+ PL 127.3 Hz.  You can run full PL on this repeater, meaning you must encode a PL of 127.3 Hz and you can also use decode on your radio for the 127.3 Hz tone.  Running decode helps keep your radio from opening squelch from far away or weak signals and general interference.

The 147.075 repeater is linked to the SMLRS 100% of the time via an RF link to the Stockton Lake hub repeater, and runs on 100% battery power like the 145.270 in Nixa.

We will be updating the SMLRS and NixaHams websites in the near future to reflect this addition.

For more information on SMLRS, visit


James Adkins, KB0NHX