146.655 - Branson SMLRS repeater online!

Good evening everyone,

After years of planning, the Branson 146.655- PL 162.2 Hz repeater is online and linked into SMLRS on a permanent basis.

Special thanks to Randy,  K0RLV, and the Branson Fire Department for their work installing the antennas today.

If you are in the Branson area, please check into the Region D ARES net and also the NARC net on Thursday.

73 & enjoy,

James Adkins, KB0NHX
President & Repeater Trustee - Nixa ARC, Inc (K0NXA)

Nixa Amateur Radio Club & Southwest Missouri DMR Information

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (K0NXA) entered the world of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) in May 2017 with the installation of a UHF Brandmeister DMR repeater in South Springfield.  As a club, we are interested in not only expanding DMR in the Southwest Missouri Region, but also joining forces with groups such as the BYRG in the Kansas City Metro Area to expand DMR throughout Missouri.

The club currently supports 2 DMR repeaters in the Springfield area and has helped with the Brandmeister Repeaters in operation in Bolivar and Nevada and is actively working with other groups to expand the DMR coverage in the region.

Brandmeister DMR repeaters in the Springfield Metro area:

443.400 +            Color Code 5       Located in South Central Springfield atop Cox South Hospital
146.685 -             Color Code 5       Located in Northeast Springfield on a tower near US 65 & Kearney St.

Both repeaters follow our region plan for static and local talkgroups:

TS 1        31291     SWMO (Southwest Missouri) Talkgroup
TS 1        3129       MO Statewide
TS 1         2              Local 2
TS 1         9              Local 9

TS2         31201    BYRG (Back Yard Repeater Group) KC Metro Talkgroup

If you are travelling through the area, you are welcome to use any talkgroup that is not listed above as static EXCEPT 3100.  To use a talkgroup not listed, please use it on TS 1 because the BYRG talkgroup is an active talkgroup on the repeaters.  We do allow private calls, but please be aware that they are not private.  We ask that you limit your private calls to 5 minutes or less so as to not tie up the repeaters.  We do allow for the use of GPS reporting to the Brandmeister APRS.FI server and routinely use that function during bike rides and other communications events where access to our local digipeater is limited.

In addition to the two Nixa ARC sponsored DMR repeaters, you may also be interested in the following Brandmeister DMR repeaters in the region:

443.675+              Color Code 5       Bolivar, MO
443.975+              Color Code 5       Nevada, MO

We are looking to expand the DMR network into the Joplin and Branson areas and beyond.  If you have an interest in installing a normal or wide coverage DMR repeater on the Brandmeister network in support of DMR in our region, please email technical@nixahams.net for more details.

NEW 927.1125 repeater on the air - Crane, MO

I'm happy to announce that the 927.1125 repeater is now online.  I started this project about 8 years ago when I was off work after surgery and have been piecing together parts for it ever since.

The repeater output is 927.1125, it has a -25 MHz input, which is 902.1125.   You can run full PL on it of 162.2 Hz.

The repeater antenna is located on the Crane water tower where the 442.150 repeater is located.  It is a goal of mine to link it to the club's 927.0125 repeater in NE Springfield whenever we get the open Internet working at both sites.

The Crane 900 repeater is a 300-Watt Motorola Nucleus paging transmitter modified to work in the ham band - I have it throttled back to 150-Watts for now (the club 927.0125 is a high power, 150-Watt Motorola MSF-5000)

The antenna is at the top of the Crane water tower, about 200' AGL, on the hill north of Crane.  It is fed with 1-5/8" heliax (the big stuff!).  On receive, I installed a 2-cavity bandpass filter and there is a 21 dB pre-amp.

This is an open repeater, just like the 927.0125, and I invite everyone to try it out.  Between these two repeaters, we now have some killer 900 MHz (aka 33cm) band coverage.


James Adkins, KB0NHX
President & Repeater Trustee - Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (K0NXA)

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Presentation - Saturday, August 12th at 6:00 P.M. - Nixa Fire Station - 711 N. Main St

You will want to put this on your calendar now - Chuck Kraly, K0XM, will be at the next Nixa ARC club meeting and presenting on DMR - "What is it and how do I get started."  The meeting will be held at the Nixa Fire Station, located at 711 N Main St in Nixa with the meeting starting at 6:00 p.m.

Here's a little about Chuck:  He has been a licensed amateur since 1979, original call was N0BIW.  He and the Back Yard Repeater Group (BYRG) have been instrumental in the growth of the Brandmeister DMR network in the KC Metro area and across the state.  Currently, BYRG has 5 UHF and 1 VHF Brandmeister DMR repeater operational in the KC Metro area, with a second VHF repeater in the works.  Chuck and Bob, W0NQW, started the BYRG in 1986 - and the BYRG history is eerily similar to how and why the Nixa ARC started back in 2001.

In addition to the DMR repeaters, BYRG maintaines repeaters on all bands 2-meters and above.

Chuck assists with the Brandmeister with the wiki, new modes, and perk testing.

Professionally, Chuck works for BVCI, a division of Black & Veatch, as a Test Technician / Construction Manager / Field Engineer  

If you want to learn more about DMR and its expansion into the Southwest MO region, THIS is a presentation you want to attend.  

Please send this out to any other groups in the region so that as many hams as are interested in learning about DMR can attend.  EVERYONE is welcome!!!


James Adkins, KB0NHX
President & Repeater Trustee - Nixa ARC, Inc. (K0NXA)