NARC Meeting Minutes 3.15.15

James brought the meeting to order at 18:02. 33 people were in attendance. 
Jeff Morrissey gave the Treasurer's report which is attached at the bottom of the minutes. 
6 people tested during the VE session with one person passing all 3 tests,  those who tested who stayed for the meeting were recognized and congratulated. 
James gave the technical report and had information on the proposed communications trailer 
Larry Grinstead gave a report  from the NARCfest committee meeting.
Technical Report from James Adkins KB0NHX: 
Jumper cable replaced on tower at 147.015 repeater in Springfield by Second Sight Systems. 
No problems have been observed since the cable was changed out 
IP to Serial server installed at 147.015 site so we can now program and remotely control that repeater and others on SMLRS 
Total High Speed has agreed to provide Internet at the following SMLRS sites to facilitate remote programming and control of the repeaters: 
146.655 Branson /442.150 Crane / 145.390 Granby 
We are working with another company to provide Internet at: 145.450 Nevada 
Update from Jeremy, KC0UJZ, on Branson 146.655: 
Verizon and the City of Branson have come to terms on the general scope of the re-design at the site. 
Jeremy predicts that the 146.655 antenna installs, which will be done by Verizon contractors at no cost to us, will occur ~ September 2015. 
Jeremy, Steffen & I (James) completed the ground work on site in January, 2015.  All that remains is to have antennas installed at the site. 
Hamfest Report from Larry Grinstead WA0JZK: 
Larry gave a verbal report from the NARCfest committee meeting some highlights from the minutes include 
Hamfest date 11/14 at Nixa Event Center / 3 speakers / Baldknobbers Special Event station,  Larry also spoke about testing and using another rented speaker towards the front of the venue for better sound and having results of the drawings near the front as well. 
 The presentation from Steve Runnels KD4OPZ, and Quay Kendrick from the National Weather Service about NWS radio began at 18:13.  In addition to the valuable information that was provided, they were available to answer questions from the audience. 
After the presentation the meeting was adjourned at 19:05.  Members visited with each other and visitors. 
Treasurer's report: 
NARC Main Account 
Beginning Balance:     
$1705.91 with $30 in petty cash 
$2.45 - PayPal transaction fees on dues payments 
$211.54 Connectors and weatherproofing kits 
Debit Total $213.99 
Dues - $68.77 (Odd amount due to PayPal transaction fees) 
Anonymous Donation - $500 
Credit Total $568.77 
Ending Balance:  $2060.69 with $30 in petty cash 
Hamfest Account Report 
Beginning Balance $2161.26 
Debits $0 
Debit Total $0 
Credits $0 
Credit Total $0.00 
Ending balance $2,161.26 

Club Meeting 3/14

If you haven't yet, put it on your calendar!  This Saturday, Steve Runnels, KD4OPZ, who is and has been the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at Springfield Weather for 20 years, will be presenting information about how Weather Radio Transmitters work and also talk to us about the current state of HAM radio involvement in severe weather spotting.  As part of his duties, Steve also manages the SkyWarn program for our area, so he has great insight about ham's involvement in this area.  This is not a repeat of the spotter training that is currently going on in the area, you won't want to miss it!

73 & see you all Saturday night!

Upcoming Meetings

We've got some great meetings lined up over the next couple of months.

First, at our Saturday, March 14th meeting, Steve Runnels and folks from the National Weather Service will be out to talk about some of the technical aspects of weather radios & also discuss amateur radio's involvement in severe weather spotting.  We'd really like a great showing for this meeting, so plan on coming out now!

And, at our Saturday, April 11th meeting, John Copelin, KC0QNM, Master Electrician for the City of Springfield, will be giving us a presentation on the do's and don'ts of using your Multimeter.  We'll have several different brands / styles for you to check out, have some tests that every ham should know, some safety tactics for using your meter, and show you how to do several equipment tests.

Both the March & April meetings start at 6:00 p.m. - these are two great topics that everyone should be interested in learning more about.

February 14, 2015 NARC Monthly Meeting Minutes

2/14/15 NARC Meeting Minutes

Meeting was brought to order at 18:05 by James Adkins.  

James congratulated the new hams that tested in the VE session and gave a status report on the session.  There were 11 people testing and James noted there we almost ran out of tables and thanked the VE team.

There were 24 in attendance for the regular meeting

James asked Randy Jordan to deliver the treasurers report on behalf of Jeff Morrissey. Report attached to bottom of minutes.

James introduced some visitors from Willard who were exploring amateur radio. Various members spoke to them during and after the meeting about the many things they could do in amateur radio related to their interests.

James gave a report about the recent trip to the EAST TRS site that he, Randy Jordan (KC0UKB), and Mark West (KB0TPZ) attended. James did a full PMI and comparison sweep, and spoke with the tower crew, who replaced a jumper and took photos of the coax and antennas as they were doing a structural analysis.  Randy Jordan explained our plans for remote control of the SCOM controller with the Moxa router and our VPN setup.

Shortly after business was completed James introduced our presenter.  The presentation,  “How GPS Works”, by Bob Rennard, N7WY was well received by the membership and after a short Q&A period, concluded at 19:17.   Bob provided a copy of the presentation on PDF to be archived in the Yahoo groups file section for later reference.

The meeting was adjourned by James at 19:19 and visiting ensued shortly thereafter for a period of time.

NARC Main Account
Beginning Balance:    $563.07 with $30 in petty cash
$4.77 - PayPal transaction fees on dues payments
$65.76 - Monoprice for video cabling for meetings
Debit Total $70.53
Dues - $197.37 (Odd amount due to PayPal transaction fees)
Misc Donation - $16.00
Donation - $1000 Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Credit Total $1213.37
Ending Balance:  $1705.91 with $30 in petty cash

Beginning Balance $2161.26
Debits $0
Debit Total $0
Credits $0
Credit Total $0
Ending balance $2,161.26