July 2020 Meeting Canceled

We are cancelling our July 2020 meeting 

We considering an in person meeting for August.  We will publish details when we have planned more.  

Field Day Operations Canceled

We are cancelling our club field day exercise this year due to the number of available operators signing up to operate onsite.  We encourage members to operate independently using their own call-sign and then submit their entries on the ARRL web applet or paper Field Day entry form using the clubs official name of Nixa Amateur Radio Club.  A good FAQ for field day operations in 2020 can be found at http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-contest-program-issues-field-day-2020-faq

We hope that Field Day 2021 is covid free and we can have a big event!

927.0125 - Repeater back online!

About a month or so ago we took a damaging lightening strike at the 927.0125 repeater site.  Today we were able to bring it back online thanks to Bryce, N0NKX, donating the needed Station Control Card.  We did a check of the repeater and antenna system and found no other problems.  In fact, at 76-Watts output, we had 308 mW reflected! 

For those not familiar, we have two 33cm repeaters online in the area:

NE Springfield - 927.0125 (-) PL 162.2 Hz
Crane               - 927.1125 (-) PL 162.2 Hz
** Input is - 25 MHz

If plans hold together, we hope to have these two repeaters linked together soon!

Look forward to hearing you on 33cm soon!

James Adkins, KB0NHX

May 2020 Club Meetubg

Our monthly meeting will start out over the radio at 5/9 at 6pm.
Primarily the 145.270 but we will link in the rest of the SMLRS system as well.We will move to an online meeting after the net.  You can find the link in our groups.io.