N.A.R.C. Net Preamble

N.A.R.C. Net Preamble

The Nixa ARC Linked repeater system will link all repeaters together automatically at 7:00 p.m and will return all repeaters to normal operation at 9:00pm.

For people that check into the net for the first time, or are new hams, please make sure to welcome them & invite them to the next club meeting and give them the date and time of the next meeting.

**Announce at 7:27 p.m.** All stations on frequency stand by for the N.A.R.C. Net due to begin in 3 minutes

**Begin preamble at 7:30 p.m.** All stations welcome to the N.A.R.C. net. This net is held every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. This is an open net and anyone listening is invited to participate. The net is sponsored by the Nixa Amateur Radio Club and is open to any topic of amateur radio interest. We invite all operators to check their station operation and to experiment with equipment on different amateur bands and modes during this net. This net is conducted on a linked repeater system

This is {your callsign}, net control this evening, and tonight I am running the net on the xxx.xxx repeater.  You may also check in on any of the following repeaters operated by the Nixa ARC, these repeaters all use a PL of 162.2 Hz:  The 53.270 in Republic; the 145.270 in Nixa, the 224.280 or the 442.425 located in Clever.  You may also check in on any of the following repeaters on the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System:  The 147.015 PL 162.2 Hz in Springfield, the 145.390 PL 91.5 Hz in Granby, the 145.450 PL 91.5 Hz in Nevada, the 147.075 PL 127.3 Hz in Warsaw,  the 442.150 PL 162.2 Hz in Crane, the 146.655 PL 91.5 in Branson or the 444.975 PL 162.2 Hz at Stockton Lake.  

You can also check in via DMR on the SWMO talkgroup - 31291.

Please key your mic for one second before speaking to allow all the links to rise and then give your callsign first phonetically, then the regular way, followed by your location and what repeater you are using to check into the net.

Following the net, the repeaters will remained linked together until 9:00 p.m. to allow you to try out radios and new antennas on the various vhf and uhf bands.

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club is a Special Services Club recognized by the ARRL and is a not-for-profit Incorporation in the State of Missouri. The Nixa Amateur Radio Club works with local police, fire, emergency management, and the national weather service to provide communications for drills and emergency events.

Are there any stations on frequency with emergency traffic? Please call now. This is _ _ _ _ _ _ net control?

Is there anyone on frequency with announcements for the general benefit of ham radio? Please call now.

The following is a list of club related announcements and information:

We will now open the net to check-ins--first. Are there any portable, mobile or limited time stations on frequency? Please call now. This is _ _ _ _ _ _ net control.

Now we will open the net to any regular check-ins. Please call now.

This concludes the N.A.R.C. net and we will now return the Nixa Amateur Radio Club Linked Repeater System and the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System to normal operation.