Nets of Interest

N.A.R.C. Net

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club will have a net, known as “The N.A.R.C. Net”.  The N.A.R.C. Net is a general check-in net.

The primary frequency for the net is the Nixa 145.270- PL 162.2 repeater.  The net is also heard locally on the following repeater that are linked-up for the net.  All have a standard offset and a PL of 162.2 hz.
147.015+ Springfield
442.150+ Crane
442.425+ Clever
224.280- Clever
53.270- (-1.7 MHz) Republic

In addition, you can check into the following repeaters using a PL of 91.5 Hz:
145.390- Granby
145.450- Nevada
444.975+ Stockton Lake
146.655- Branson

You can also check in on the Warsaw repeater with a PL of 127.3:

Stations may also check in via EchoLink node K0NXA or via DMR on the SWMO talkgroup 31291.

The net will be held EVERY Thursday at 7:30 p.m. The net will begin with a request for any emergency traffic to call now, followed by a short Preamble. The net control operators will rotate among a list of interested people. There will be a primary and a secondary operator assigned each week in case of an emergency or unforeseen event that the primary operator is not able to run the net.

N.A.R.C. Net Control Operator Schedule

N.A.R.C. Net Preamble

Local Area Ham Radio Nets:

Frequency Info




146.835 - (No PL)Daily7:00amLittle Switzerland ARC Net (Eureka Springs)
146.880 - (No PL)Daily9:00amCuckoo Club (Mountain Home)
3963 KHz LSBDaily5:45pmMO Traffic Phone Net
146.625 - (110.9)Daily7:00pmDouglas County Check-in Net (Ava)
3585 KHzDaily7:00pmMO Section CW Net
147.390 + (110.9)Daily8:00pmARCO Nightly Net (Gainsville)
3585 KHzDaily9:45pmMO Section CW Net
3803 KHz LSBDaily10:00pmRoundtable Net
146.970 - (No PL)Mon7:30pmLawrence County ARES Net (Aurora)
147.195 + (No PL)Mon9:00pmTaney County ARES (Branson)
145.490 - (136.5)Tue7:00pmSKYWARN Net (Fordland)
146.970 - (No PL)Tue7:00pmLawrence County ARES Net (Highlandville)
145.230 - (162.2)Tue7:30pmChristian County ARES Net (Highlandville)
146.805 - (127.3)Tue7:30pmNewton County ARES Net (Neosho)
145.270 - (PL Off)Tue8:00pmBible Belt Christian Fellowship Net (Nixa)
146.835 - (No PL)Wed5:00pmLittle Switzerland ARC (Eureka Springs)
146.820 - (No PL)Wed7:30pmEARS Club Check-in Net (Republic)
145.210 - (162.2)Wed8:00pmBarry County ARES Net (Shell Knob)
147.150 + (No PL)Wed9:00pmCombined KARD-TLARC Net (Branson)
145.190 - (136.5)Thu8:00pmGreene County ARES Net
147.225 + (162.2)Thu8:00pmGreene County ARES Net (Springfield)
145.270 - (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Nixa)
53.270 - (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Republic)
442.425 + (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Springfield)
224.280 - (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Springfield)
145.390 - (91.5)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Granby)
145.450 - (91.5)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Nevada)
147.015 + (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Springfield)
442.150 + (162.2)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Crane)
444.975 + (91.5)Thu7:30pmN.A.R.C. Net (Stockton Lake)
145.350 - (103.5)Thu8:00pmFour State ARC Net (Neosho)
147.210 + (No PL)Thu8:00pmYellville AR Net (Yellville)
52.525Thu9:00pmJoplin 6m FM Simplex Net (Joplin)
145.210 - (162.2)Thu9:00pmTable Rock ARC (Shell Knob)
146.910 - (100.0)Fri8:00pmSMARC Friday Night Net (Springfield)
147.345 + (162.2)Sun8:30pmStone County ARES Net (Kimberling City)