Santa Net - Reprise

Thanks to everyone that checked into the Santa Net. It was truly a great time, for those that participated and for those that enjoyed listening so much they forgot to turn off to go back to Nixa from Joplin and didn't realize they'd missed their turn until Strafford!

Here's the list of Santa Net check-ins:

Brandon Kerr
Mike Park, N0RGR
Chris Cochran, KB0WZC
Noah Potter
Joshua Potter
Jacob Cochran
Shannon Cochran, KC0SQB
Jordan Cochran, KC0SQC
Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC
Stephanie Kerr
Jeff Morrissey, KB0WVT
Garrett Morrissey
Brooke Morrissey, KC0YVF
Jeremy Tannehill, KC0UJZ
Carter Tannehill
Sydney Tannehill
Emily Kerr, KC0YOO
Randy Jordan, KC0UKB (Via his Chrismas tree antenna)
Cameron Jordan
Tristan Jordan

Thanks to everyone that checked in. Santa exclaimed he had a great time this year and looks forward to 2008!

(If I forgot anyone, or mis-spelled any names, please let me know!)