Meeting Minutes - January 26, 2008

Nixa Amateur Radio Club
January 2008 Meeting Minutes

Chris Cochran, KBØWZC called to order the regular meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club at 18:16 on January 26, 2008 in Nixa Fire Station.

Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Ralph Baldi, KF6AHT Bill McNamee, KBØWHN J.R. Duncan, NØRLP
Lance Riffle, KQØQ John Copelin, KCØQNM John Kreymer, K5LKM
Randy Jordan, KCØUKB Joe Hargis, WSØE John Bonnot, WBØLTE
Dave Beckler, WAØSAP Jeff Morrissey, KBØWVT Rod Kittleman, KØADI
Rich Vogt, KB9YZE

Visitors Present:

Thomas Harper

Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC filed the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as posted on the club website.

Open issues :

a) The club HF station is in progress. Several present are interested in having a club HF station. The work on this has begun and we are in the process of acquiring the gear. It was decided that the first step should be acquiring and/or building the antenna and getting it installed.

b) The repeater update was read by Chris Cochran, KBØWZC. There is a meeting planned in the first of February to determine the status of the installation for the 220 repeater.

New business:

a) VE Testing session: 1 new Technician Class, 3 new General Class, 1 Extra Class

b) The club received a $1,500 grant from the Nixa Chamber of Commerce. The moneys for this grant are for projects specified in the grant request.

c) Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer's report was presented by Jeff Morrissey, KBØWVT:

November ending balance $385.71 (no report at Christmas meeting)
$379.72in Credits ($1.64 Dividend, $78 Dues, $300.08 Donation,)
$376.09 in Debits ($275 Arcom RC 210, $33.02 repeater parts, $31.77 Sound Blaster for EchoLink, $36.30 shipping for repeater repairs)
January Ending Balance $389.34

d) Rich Vogt, KB9YZE talked about the upcoming WØS special event station.


Chris Cochran, KBØWZC adjourned the meeting at 19:25.

The remainder of the time was turned over to Fred Bell, NØLU for a basic electronics class. Very good information was presented on basic electronics and basic antenna theory.

Minutes submitted by: Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC, Secretary Minutes

approved by: Chris Cochran, KBØWZC, President