Nixa Amateur Radio Club May 2008 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order promptly at 6:00 p.m. by James Adkins, KB0NHX

James Adkins, KB0NHX, conducted a roll call and the following visitors and members were present:


James Adkins, KB0NHX; Jim Adkins, KC0IYI; Kim Adkins, KC0GKP; Ralph Baldi, KF6AHT; Dave Beckler, WA0SAP: Fred Bell, N0LU; John Bonnot, WB0LTE; David Bowman, WB0QIR; Jeannine Bowman, N5SPX; John Copelin, KC0QNM; Richard Crary, KD0BDG; Allen Du Brul, K0AWD; Dean Gaines, KC0SQD; Al Gallo, W0ERE; Joe Hargis, WS0E; Jerry Johnson, KE0KI; Randy Jordan, KC0UKB; Jeff Nims, N7LOM; Rich Vogt, KB9YZE

Visitors Present:

Steven B. (No license yet); Jed Hobbs, KD0BNU; Don Mullen, K0HUU; Matthew Patterson, KB0WYY; CW Stiver, KC0VNT.

The meeting minutes were submitted and accepted as posted on the website.

We had two new licensees pass their Technician exam at the VE session. Congratulations to them!

New Business:

1) There will be no treasurer report this month as Jeff Morrissey, KB0WVT, is at his company picnic. A full update will be given to cover this month at the next treasurer's report.

2) Jeremy Whitehill, candidate for Christian County Sheriff, spoke for approximately 45 minutes. Al Gallo, W0ERE, is volunteering for his campaign. Jeremy provided us with a realistic view of the county and why he is running for office. He also indicated emergency communications is an issue. Twice in the recent past, he has run across several of our members assisting with shelters, cleanup and storm spotting. He was impressed with our professionality and also wants to know what our capabilities are during an emergency. We told him of our repeater network and also the HF radio station in progress at the Nixa Fire Department General HQ.

3) Sadly, we announce that Joe Hargis, WS0E, will be moving. On Saturday, June 14th at 9:00 a.m., he will be holding a "radio auction & sell off" at his residence at 1137 W. Crane Dr in Nixa, MO. He will have lots of transformers, chokes, resistors, capacitors, wire, some antique radios, shortwave receivers, HF SB-401, HW-101, just lots of stuff! So, bring money and a trailer. To get to Joe's place from Hwy 160 in Nixa, go west on Northview Rd (this is the road that goes between Meeks and Allied paint). Travel west to the T-intersection, which is Gregg Rd. Turn right and travel north to the second street, which is Crane Drive and his house is 1137, can't miss the towers! In case of rain, the alternate date is June 21st.

Club Project & Training

Fred Bell, N0LU, presented us a problem with an HF rig. Plate voltage looked good on the tube finals until you put it under a load. Ended up being a bad filter capacitor. Fred showed us how to test capacitors and also showed us how much smaller caps of today or compared to caps of yesteryear.

Dave Beckler, WA0SAP, brought in his "Sapulator" and talked about making HF wire antennas. He discussed how to figure length, and how to hook up multiple antennas to a single feedpoint. We discussed optimum height above ground and attic antennas. Also discussed was the problem he found with the Alpha Delta dipole he has.

At the June meeting, we will be building a wire dipole to be used at field day. So, come get your hands dirty and help us build this antenna. You'll learn the satisfaction using a home brew antenna first hand at Field Day!

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m, but most hung around until 8:30 p.m. visiting and talking about radio stuff