KØNXA IRLP Node Operation
Operating procedures for an IRLP node vary from standard FM repeater operation. This is even more true if the IRLP node is connected to a reflector. When keying up on a reflector, do these three things when you connect. Listen, Listen, Listen. Pause for at least 15 seconds after connecting to a reflector to make sure you do not jump into the middle of a QSO. Before getting started please read the IRLP Guidelines on the IRLP.NET website. IRLP is not a substitute for HF or real DX, it does serve a worthwile purpose and is a useful, robust tool.

IRLP Operation

Basic IRLP operation is very simple.

To connect to a node or reflector:
Announce: "Connecting to node xxxx"
Key up and DTMF the four digit node number you wish to connect to. Unkey Wait for the connection announcement from the connecting node.

To disconnect from a node or reflector:
It is not necessary to announce you are disconnecting. Announcing you are disconnecting on a busy reflector can be unnecessarily disruptive. Key up and DTMF 73 Unkey Wait for the disconnect announcement from the connected node.

Node Owners / Operators
We have primary use of the Central Region Reflector 9330 for linking purposes. Most often the node will be connected to that reflector channel. Please feel free to link in at any time or to schedule a link with another node. All are welcome to use the node and to coordinate links via Reflector 9330 when the node is not busy.

Other IRLP Information:

Node Technical Information:
The KØNXA ILRP node is a Dell desktop PC with a Linux operating system. It is located at the 442.425 / 224.280 repeater site and normally connected to the 442.425 repeater. This repeater can be linked via a common controller to the 224.280 repeater located at the same site. From the 442.425 linking repeater, any repeater can be linked into the system. The IRLP node can be connected directly to the KØNXA 53.270, 145.270, or the 224.280 repeaters when requested. For normal operation the node will be connected full-time to the 442.425 repeater. The node receives Internet from local Internet provider TA Highspeed Wireless via a 5.2 GHz Motorola Canopy Internet Radio. The node is connected to a APC BackUPS Pro-1000 which keeps the node PC and associated Motorola Canopy and MicroTik router powered until the site generator is activated during any power outages. Shielded, UV-rated CAT-5E cables were used for the connections to alleviate interference to the repeaters.

KØNXA also hosts IRLP node 7191 which is connected to the Crane 442.150+ repeater on the Central Region Intertie System, visit www.smlrs.info for more information on this fine linked repeater system.