Meeting Minutes 11-22-2008

Nixa Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2008

Call to order

Chris Cochran, KBØWZC called to order the meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club at 18:10 on October 25, 2008 at the Nixa Pizza Hut in Nixa, Missouri.


Members attending: Jeff Kerr KCØVGC, David Beckler NØSAP, Geraold Johnson KEØKI, James Adkins KBØNHX, Ralph Baldi KF6AHT, Dean Gaines KCØSQD, Matthew Bortniker KD4LSK, Chris Cochran KBØWZC, Jim Adkins KCØIYI, David Bowman WBØQIR, Bill Chambers W8KIR, Jeff Morrissey KBØWVT, Brook Morrissey, KCØYVF, David Williams KE7ABH

Visitors attending: Jeannine Bowman N5SPX, Dee Kerr, Brandon Kerr, Helen Johnson

Old Business

  • No items were carried over from last month's meeting.

New Business

  • Treasurer's report: Jeff Morrissey, KBØWVT read the treasurer's report.
    • November Treasurer's Report
      Beginning November Balance: $70.72

      $29.04 ULI Shipping and Repair
      $32 Post Office Box
      Total Debits: $61.04

      $1029 Donations
      $18 Dues
      Total Credits: $1047

      Ending November Balance: $1056.68

  • Election of Vice President:
Fred Bell, NØLU declined nomination and there were no other nominees. James Adkins KBØNHX will continue to serve as vice president for another term.
  • Technical Committee update was presented by James Adkins, KBØNHX

    • James presented the new duplexers that were donated for the 220 and 440 repeaters. The value of the donations exceeded $2,000. These new duplexers will allow the addition of amplifiers to the repeaters and will improve the receive by eliminating unwanted interference.

  • December Meeting

    • This year's December meeting will be held at the residence of David Beckler, NØSAP. All members were asked to bring their favorite dish. Drinks will be provided by the club.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club will be held at the residence of David Beckler, NØSAP in Nixa, MO on December 27th, 2008

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Eat
  • No club business will be conducted at the December meeting. There will not be a VE test session in December.


Chris Cochran, KBØWZC adjourned the meeting at 19:30.

Minutes submitted by: Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC, Secretary

Minutes approved by: Chris Cochran, KBØWZC, President