Nixa ARC 444.275 Repeater Changes Frequencies

This past week has seen a number of upgrades to the Nixa ARC UHF repeater. Since its installation, we have fought an interference source near our input frequency. Bandpass filters helped, but did not alleviate the problem.

This week, we changed the repeater to 442.275 MHz, with an input of 447.275 MHz. The PL of 162.2 Hz remains the same. During the process, we were forced to change hardware as well. The Motorola Radius R1225 repeater was changed out for two Motorola CDM radios, similar to the radios used on the 53.270 and 224.280 repeaters because the GR1225 is not made to operate below 444.000 MHz. These radios have a much better front end than the Radius line of radios which should also help the repeater hear better. Programming on the Arcom controller was updated as well and the newly acquired TX RX duplexers were installed. These duplexers offer much greater isolation between the TX and RX frequencies and will allow us to add an external amplifier in the future

Initial testing has shown a drastic improvement in repeater sensitivity. It is a much more HT friendly machine than it was before.

Please spread the word to all your friends about the frequency change and we look forward to hearing you on the air!