The End of an Era: October 6, 2010

The Nixa Amateur Radio club is opening a new chapter in it’s history.

Chris Cochran has decided to step down as President of the club. Chris has faithfully served the club since it’s official inception in 2002. During that time he has given much time, effort, and personal funds toward club projects and has driven much of the effort for the raising of funds to support club projects. Back in 2001, Chris purchased the club’s first repeater, a Motorola Micor, that is still being used today for the 145.270 machine. Chris made it possible for the club to obtain the grants from McKesson Corporation, organized the club's golf tournament at Millwood in 2005, and was a key figure in getting the club's HF station on the air.

Chris’ dedication to the club and it’s success has been instrumental in the club’s growth over the past eight years. Chris’ affection for the continued success of the club has not changed. Chris is continuing to work with the club on current projects and will be helping us transition. According to the bylaws the current Vice President James Adkins has assumed the role of president. We are looking forward to starting this new chapter for the Nixa Amateur Radio Club and would like for everyone to be a part of it as we strive to continue excellence in amateur radio in Southwest Missouri.