Nixa ARC Club Library

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club Library was only a dream until Bob Du Brul, WB0RJR-SK, through his brother Alan Du Brul, K0AWD, and Dean Gaines, KC0SQD-SK, donated 114 books to the club to begin a club library.

The club library is housed at the residence of club Vice-President Kent Doucey, N0IRM.

Club members will be allowed to check out books for a month at a time, and the books can be re-checked for one month extra before having to be returned to the library for other members to access.

To check out or return a book, contact a club officer at a club meeting. While you are in possession of one of the club library books, you are responsible for it. So, if a book is damaged or destroyed, we will expect you to replace it so that we can keep this wonderful library maintained.

Though we currently just have one current General Class study manual, we plan to add multiple copies of each for use by club members to upgrade their license, or for non-licensed family members to use to obtain their technician license.

As you will see in the list below, you will not find any public library, and possibly very few personal libraries, that are stocked with so many great books about our amateur radio hobby.

If you are interested in donating books to the club library, please e-mail [email protected] and a club officer will get in touch with you or bring the books to a club meeting for a club officer to inventory.

Nixa ARC Club Library of Books
November 16, 2010


2nd Class FCC Encyclopedia Study Guide Ele. 1 - 9 1975
ARRL Transmission Lines &Antennas-1990
Manual for MOS Users -1975
1970 Amatuer Radio Advance Class Study Guide
1977 Ameco Advance Class License Guide
1977 Ameco Radio Amatuer License Guide
1978 Ameco Advance Class License Guide
1980 General Class Test Guide
1984 Ameco General Class Radio Amatuer FCC Test Manual
1990 ARRL Handbook 67th Edition-1989
1st Class Radiotelephone License Handbook-1973
2nd Class Radiotelephone License Handbook-1973
73 Coax handbook-1968
73 Dipole and Long Wire Antennas-1978
73 Mag. Amatuer Radio Extra Class License Study Guide-1970
73 Magazine FM Repeater Circuits Manual
73 Vertical,Beam,and Triangle Antennas-1977
Amateur Radio Antennas-1970
Ameco Novice Class Radio Amatuer FCC Test Manual-1986
Analog IC Vestpocket Handbook-1984
ARRL Advanced Class License Manual for the Radio Amatuer-1990
ARRL Advanced Class License Manual for the Radio Amatuer-1995
ARRL Amateur Radio Field Resources Directory 1986-1987
ARRL Extra Class License Manual 7th Edition-2000
ARRl FCC Rule Book-1987
ARRL FM and Repeaters for the Radio Amatuer
ARRL Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amatuer-1989
ARRL Operating an Amatuer Radio Station-1973
ARRL Operating Manual 1987
ARRl Radio Amatuer Handbook-1972
ARRL Radio Amatuer License Manual-1970
ARRL Radio Amatuer License Manual-1973
ARRL Radio Amatuers Handbook-1975
ARRl Radio Amauters VHF Manual-1972
ARRL Single Sideband for the Radio Amatuer-1970
ARRL Specialized Communications Techniques for the Radio Amatuer-1975
ARRL The Radio Amatuers Operating Manual
ARRL Understanding Amatuer Radio-1971
Basic Electronics Devices Circuits & Systems
Bell Systems Marine Radiotelephone Services
Collins Radio Co Amatuer Single Sideband-1977
Commerical Radio Operators Question/Answer Guide Ele 3-1977
Commerical Radio Operators Question/Answer Guide Ele 4-1976
Complete Guide to Reading Schematic Diagrams-1972
Electronic Components Handbook-1978
Elements of Radio 6th Edition-1973
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits-1975
FCC Form 574 Instructions
FCC Study Guide & Reference Material for Commerical Radio Exams-1955
Fluke in Tune With Power Harmonics
Fluke The ABC's of Digital Multi Meters
General Class Study Manual by Gordon West-2007
Handbook of Electrical Noise:Measurement and Technology-1979
Handbook of Electronic Meters-1969
Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas-1971
Handbook of Electronic Test Equipment-1971
Handbook of Modern Electronic Data-1973
Handbook of Oscilloscopes Theory and Application-1968
Handbook of practical Electronic Test and Measurements-1969
Handbook of Practical Solid State Trouble Shooting-1971
HF Antennas for all locations-1982
How to Select and Install Your Own Speakers-1979
IC Function Locator-1978
Image Communications Handbook-2002
Integrated Digital Circuits-1979
Interference Handbook -1981
Klingenfuss Guide to Utility Stations 5th Edition-1987
Linear Circuits for Electronics Technology-1974
Lost User Manuals No.1-1992
Marine Electronics Handbook-1973
Master Transistor Substitution Handbook-1977
Master Tube Substitution Handbook-1976
MO Broadcaster Assoc. Directory of Membership 1980
Monitor America 3rd Edition-1995
Physical Design of yagi Antennas-1992
Prac. Troubleshooting with Modern Oscilloscope/Test Instruments-1979
Practical Antennas for the Radio Amateur-1979
Radio Amatuers FM Repeater Handbook-1969
Radio Handbook 19th Edition-1975
Radio Handboook 12th Edition-1949
Radio Operators License Handbook-1973
Radio Propagation Handbook-1980
Radio Shack Dictionary of Electronics-1975-1976
Radio Shack Electronics Data Book-1976
Radio Spectrum Handbook-1970
Radio/Tech Modifications No. 4 -1980
Radio-Television Electronics Dictionary
RCA Power Transistors and Power Hybrid Circuits-1973
RCA Receiving Tube Manual-1975
RCA Transistor,Thyristor & Diode Manual-1971
Reference Date for Radio Engineers 5th Edition-1974
RSGB NBFM Manual-1974
RSGB Teleprinter Handbook-1983
RSGB VHF-UHF Handbook 3rd Edition
Sams Modern Dictionary of Electronics 6th edition-1984
Sams Radio Handbook 23rd Edition-1987
Semiconductor Data Library Vol. 1-1974
Semiconductor Data Library Vol. 2-1974
Simple Low Cost Wire Antennas-1972
Solid State Devices Analysis and Application-1974
Standard Radio Communications Manual-1985
The ARRL Antenna Book-1974
The ARRL Antenna Book-1988
The ARRL FCC Rule Book-1989
The GianT Book of Amatuer Radio Antennas-1979
The Great Insternational Math on Keys Book-1976
The Handbook of Solar Flare Monitoring & Propagation Forcasting-1978
The Shortwave Propagation Handbook 2nd Edition-1982
Towers International FET Selector-1978
Tube Substitution Handbook no. 18-1974
Tube Sustitution Handbook
Typical Oscilloscope Circuitry-1961
VHF Radio Propagation-1978

If you would like to see if your favorite book is currently available for checkout, visit the Club Library Checkout List