Meeting Minutes 04-09-2011

Nixa Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2011

Call to Order
Kent Doucey N0IRN, called the regular meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club to order at 1805 hours on April 9th, 2011 at the Nixa fire station on South Nicholas road in Nixa Missouri.

Roll Call
Sign in sheet was passed. There were 10 persons present.
9 members, 1 visitor

Treasure report
Jeff Kerr KC0VGC read the treasurer's report as follows:

Beginning Balance: 2494.84


$150 - Andrew SSH-14 1-1/4” Heliax Coax hangers to mount antenna coax to tower

$325 - Andrew UA-3 Adapters used to mount Heliax coax to angle-iron towers

$225 - Andrew SSH-78

7/8” Heliax coax hangers to mount antenna coax to tower

$30 - Nixa Community Foundation - Banquet

$948 - SCOM for 7330 controllers, 927.5375 and 29.680

$1,678.00 Total


$1,850 - Grant - Nixa Community Foundation

$24 Dues

$5 Donation from James Dye

$8 Donation from Clarence Stiver

$25 from Minuteman Repeaters for programming

$1.73 Dividends

$1,913.73 Total

Ending Balance: $2,730.57

VE Testing
Terry Zembsch KC0SQE reported we had three individuals test this afternoon. All passed. 2 Technician and 1 Extra.

News and Announcements
BSA Radio Class: Terry Zembsch KC0SQE, reported there are nine individuals signed up to assist with the Boy Scout radio merit badge class. Terry also reported there are going to be 23 participants not including parents, and that several Scouts and some parents intended to pursue getting their Amateur license.

EchoLink: Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC reported that the EchoLink node has been repaired and has been running smoothly for the last month on the bench in his basement. The node will be re-installed at the 2m site as soon as possible.

Arlen Evins N6DDD announced that he would donate a high-power commercial VHF amplifier to the club for the purpose of rasing funds for the six meter receive site installation. Kent Doucey N0IRN appreciated the donation and said that every effort would be made to make the most of the donation.

Technical Committee Update:
Kent Doucey N0IRN gave the following Technical Committee update:

Ten Meter Repeater: The City of Nixa has agreed to amend our earlier agreement allowing the 145.270 repeater antenna on a one water tower to allow us to install a 10-meter receiver on a second city water tower and a 10-meter transmitter on a third city water tower. We are currently working with Verizon to get space inside their buildings, which both have generator power backup.

New controllers: We have purchased the SCOM controllers for the 927.5375 and the 29.680 repeaters with the Nixa Community Foundation grant as well as the coax cable hangers for the project.

6m East TRS Install: Currently, we have $1700 put aside for the installation of the 53.270 remote receive project and are in need of $2825 total. Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible gift toward this project, contact a club officer. Also, if you have any businesses that would be willing to make a donation, or if you are willing to "hit the streets" seeking donations, we have had success in the past with Allstate Insurance, Wal-Mart, Great Southern Bank and the Queen City Fraternal Order of Eagle Ladies Auxillary.

Open Discussion:
The balance of the meeting was turned over to open discussion on fund raising ideas and Field Day. An ad-hoc committee was formed by Kent Doucy N0IRN to come up with ideas to raise funds. Arlen Evans N6DDD, Marcia Evans, and Gary Doucey N0IRM agreed to look into and discuss ideas to raise funds.

Meeting was adjourned at 1730 hours.

Minutes submitted by: Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC, Secretary
Minutes approved by: James Adkins, KBØNHX, President