Kansas City Satellite Team Presentation at the Nixa ARC Club Meeting - Saturday, October 8, 2011

For those of you that missed it, you missed probably one of the best presentations we've ever had. The KC Satellite team did an outstanding job presenting just how easy it is to work satellites with just your HT. They showed us some of the tricks of the trade and even had audio and video clips of QSO's from BOTH ends!

Many were indeed surprised how easy it is to work "the birds." They had on hand a nice Arrow handheld yagi that is their bread and butter antenna, and talked about other antennas they've tried and didn't like as well. We even discussed high gain HT antennas and how they can make a huge difference working satellites.

If you were unable to attend, and want to check out these guys online, you can visit http://purplesage.biz/kd0hkd/satellite/news.htm and read all about satellite their experiences in satellite operations and where they'll be next.

We'd like to thank Randy Shulze, KD0HKD, Jeremy Widner, K0PDX, and Eddy Paul, KY0F, for making the trip down from the Kansas City area to give us this awesome presentation.