Meeting Minutes 4-14-2012

Nixa Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2012

Call to Order
Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC called the regular meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club to order at 1810 hours on April 14, 2012 at the Nixa Fire Station on South Nicholas Road in Nixa, MIssouri.

Roll Call
Sign in sheet was passed.  There were 20 persons present.
19 members, 1 visitors

Treasure report
Jeff Morrissey, KB0WVT  read the treasurer's report as follows:   

Beginning Balance:  $1639.56

$47 DC Power Distribution Panel
$26.66 Connectors for new link system
$156.34 Misc Computer Parts for new link system
$51.27 Rack enclosure for 442.275
$26.97 8GB Memory card and 2GB DDR3 Ram
$15.39 SATA to USB Compact Flash Adapter
$37.10 Misc link system parts
$14.67 Fan screens and fan control module for 442.275 machine
$163.00 IRLP Interface
$538.40 Total

$1.03 Dividend
$15 Tshirt Purchase
$60 Dues
$13 Anonymous Donation
$5000 Donation
$5089.03 Total

Ending Balance:  $6190.19 with $33 in petty cash.

VE Testing
Terry Zembsch, KC0SQE  reported three test takers at today’s test session held prior to the meeting.  Two individuals upgraded from Tech to General and one person passed the Tech and General exams.

Technical Committee Update
All that is pending the installation of the new 2m linked repeater system as outlined in the January meeting is coordination with the tower company when they are in the area to do the work.

News and Announcements
Jim, WA0MBE announced an invitation for all to attend the Technical Avisory Comittee Meeting held two times per year and is primarily sponsored by his current employer which is a local technical college.  If you would like to attend and see what it’s all about, just RSVP to Jim via his contact information found on QRZ.

Ron, AF7A announced the Titanic Museum is giving free passes to those that will come and work the W0S station Sunday Afternoon.

Even though we have raised the money needed to complete the 2m repeater project, we still need to raise money for Field Day.  Field Day may seem a ways off, but we only have two more meetings before Field Day.  As we do every year we will need to raise money for fuel for the Command Bus and food for the event.  In times past we usually spend about $300 on fuel and $50 or so on food.

Keep in mind that the Nixa Bide Ride is coming up the first weekend in June.  We always need more people willing to volunteer for this event.  For those that care to do so this event is a great opportunity practice portable emergency operations.

There was no presentation at this month’s meeting.  

Meeting was adjourned at 1910 hours.

Minutes submitted by: Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC, Secretary
Minutes approved by: James Adkins, KBØNHX, President