Meeting Minutes 6-9-2012

Nixa Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2012

Call to Order
Kent Doucey, N0IRM, called the regular meeting of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club to order at 1810 hours on June 9, 2012 at the Nixa Fire Station on South Nicholas Road in Nixa, MIssouri.

Roll Call
Sign in sheet was passed.  There were 12 persons present.
11 members, 1 visitor

Treasure report
Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC read the treasurer's report as follows:   

Beginning Balance:    $6518.13

$300.00 Hays Companies/Club Insurance
$150.00 MSF-5000 control tray ( for link to Bendavis UHF for expansion of SkyWarn link to east)
$50.00 Motorola CDM-1550 UHF Link radio $50 (Crane IRLP Node)
$500.00 Total

$18.00 Dues
$18.00 Total

Ending Balance:  $6013.13 with $33 in petty cash.
VE Testing
There is not a VE test session at the June meeting.  There also will not be a test session at the December meeting.  These are the two months we don’t have a VE session.

Technical Committee Update
All of the equipment for the 147.015 and 442.150 repeaters are ready to go on the air, just waiting for a date from the tower company.  We don’t have a date as of yet for these installs.  The 145.390 should be ready to go in the next week or so.  Its anticipated install will be after July 1.

News and Announcements
Kent Doucey, N0IRM talked about our plans for Field Day.

  • We will have a raffle at Field Day like last year to raise funds for the Club.  We will raffle a dual-band HT and a piece of hand-made jewelry made by Arlen, N6DDD
  • Setup will be basically the same as last year.
  • We will register a 1x1 special event call sign for the event
  • We need two coax switches for the antenna setups
  • Arlen, N6DDD will setup a solar operation
  • Dave, WB0QIR will attempt satellite contacts
  • We will have the club’s FT-950 and Gary, N0IRN will bring his FT-950.
  • Ron, AF7A is bringing his JRC rig to be used as the third HF station.  Arlen, N6DDD and Randy, KC0UKB are bringing their FT-857Ds to use as backups.
  • We will need headphones and splitters for the HF stations.

There was no presentation at this month’s meeting.  

Meeting was adjourned at 1915 hours.

Minutes submitted by: Jeff Kerr, KCØVGC, Secretary
Minutes approved by: James Adkins, KBØNHX, President