Crane 442.150 + Repeater On The Air!

This week, the first piece of the new Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System went on the air. The 442.150 + repeater, PL 162.2 Hz, antenna was installed by Mercury Communications 200' AGL on a City of Crane water tower. The ground work was completed by several of the club's members - special thanks to Jim Adkins, KC0IYI; James Adkins, KB0NHX; Arlen Evins, N6DDD; Kent Doucey, N0IRM; and Jeremy Tannehill, KC0UJZ for their help getting the repeater on the air. All totaled, the group of club members spent two 7-1/2 hour days at the repeater site. Part of the project also included us moving the Stone County 911 Crane Law repeater into the new building and racking it up and testing it. They installed a new DB-224 and 7/8"heliax as well for that site.
This repeater will serve as the "hub" or linking repeater that will tie the 147.015 + PL 162.2 Hz Springfield repeater to the 145.390 - PL 91.5 Hz Granby repeater 100% of the time. So far, reports have been good. HT coverage into south Springfield has been reported by David Bowman, WB0QIR, and Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC. Ken Baremore, W0KRB, and Gary Doucey, N0IRN, reported good coverage in Battlefield and Richard Marlow, KD0JWY, reported a full quieting signal in Ozark on his mobile with only 5w output. James Adkins, KB0NHX, confirmed proposed coverage into Ash Grove last night with his 35w mobile & 4.5 dBd gain antenna. Installation dates are still being finalized for the 147.015 and 145.390 repeater - So get on the air and try out the 442.150 repeater. Jeff Kerr, KC0VGC, is working on the IRLP node for this repeater, and soon it will be available to link into the Thursday Night NARC net as well. Check out the slide show we put together, Crane 442.150 Repeater Install.