Thanks from the MS-150 Society

Bill Gilmore, KC0TCF, reports that the Ozark MS Society wishes to pass along their thanks to the Nixa Amateur Radio Club, the Southwest Amateur Radio Group, Mulebarn and John Rayfield, W0PM,  for allowing us to use the SMLRS linked repeater system for amateur radio communications for their two day bike ride.

I would also like to personally thank the club for allowing our team of rest stop
workers, SAG's and Safety/Hazard's to use the linked repeater system.   Many of
our HAM volunteers do not have dual band radios so the ability to transmit on
one repeater and be retransmitted to all the others was critical to our success.   We
used the linked repeater system for twelve hours on Saturday and about 9 hours on
Sunday.   We were grateful that during that time the HAM community that normally
uses this repeater system allowed us to have exclusive use of the repeater system.
Please thank them for their courtesy.

The repeater system worked flawlessly and we hope that you will allow us to
use the SMLRS repeater system in the future.