145.270 Repeater Shut Down Due to Interference

On January 16th, we were preparing for the Thursday NARC check-in net and realized that there was some type of digital noise holding the repeater squelch open.  Reports are that it possibly started as early as January 13th.  Though the noise will not open the squelch on its own; however, anytime someone tried to use the repeater, it would hang open for varying amounts of time.

Until the source can be identified and a solution put into place, the 145.270 will be shut down.  We hope to get out there as soon as Feb 8 / 9 to try to identify the culprit and begin the mitigation process.

Thanks for your patience as we work toward finding the problem.  In the meantime, feel free to use any of the other club repeaters - 53.270 Republic, 147.015 Springfield, 224.280 Springfield, 442.150 Crane, 442.425 Springfield, or 444.975 Stockton Lake - all with PL's of 162.2 Hz