December 2014

Meeting brought to order at 1815 by James Adkins, KB0NHX

There were 11 total people in attendance.

Randy Jordan was elected as new club secretary unanimously with Larry Grinstead making the motion and John Copelin making the second. Since Randy was unable to attend, James read Randy's acceptance speech.

James Adkins, KB0NHX, reported on several items:

Branson SMLRS repeater ground work to be completed after January 1. Tower work pending. Verizon has had to go back through a re-design of the install on site and we are awaiting those plans and their approval before a crew can be hired to do the work, and thus do our work when they are on site. This waiting is tough, but will save the club several thousand dollars.

We have an opportunity to move the 442.425, 224.280 and 3995 IRLP node to a much better location SW of Springfield. We are awaiting a structural analysis of the tower to be completed and should know something by the next club meeting in January. If this occurs, it would allow us to utilize Cox South as our 10m repeater transmit site, with Crane as the RX site. Antennas are already installed at Crane, and we could install the antennas at Cox South ourselves. All equipment is in our hands to do all the work, the only question would be the cost of the tower work and if we could do it ourselves or not.

The club received a $1,000 grant toward the purchase of a trailer to use for a club emergency communications trailer from the Nixa Community Foundation. Their representatives will be on hand to present the check at the January club meeting at the Nixa Fire station, located at 711 N Main St in Nixa. We encourage everyone attend to show your gratitude toward their donation!

A comprehensive report of the hamfest was given by chair Larry Grinstead, WA0JZK. All members of the hamfest committee agreed to serve again next year. The group would like to add a person to be mentored for the committee. This person would help out wherever needed and learn about all the planning that takes place for the hamfest and be able to jump in and make decisions, etc should anyone in the group become ill or have to be gone for an extended period of time. Please contact Larry Grinstead at [email protected] if you want to be involved. The hamfest lost money this year, but was overall considered a success. With a few changes and an anticipated attendance improvement of 50-100 folks, we anticipate the hamfest will make a modest sum next year. We have commitments from Associated Radio, D&L Antenna, Ham Crazy and WB0W to return next year already; and the food vendor indicated they would be willing to work with us again next year as well. With those huge question marks out of the way, the group is working to improve on this year's hamfest success with possible other celebrity drawings, different prizes, and more flea market tables.

Members on hand voted unanimously to hold a hamfest on November 14, 2015 at the Nixa Event Center with Bob Rennard, N7WY, making the motion to have the hamfest in 2015 and James Adkins, KB0NHX making the 2nd before bringing it to a vote.

The club is looking for Net Control operators for the NARC net in 2015. This just requires a commitment to run the net 1 night per month. You do NOT have to have experience to run the net. E-mail James Adkins at [email protected] ASAP to reserve your spot!

The club is also looking for any interested members to serve on the technical committee. This group meets intermittently (as needed) throughout the year and does work at the club's repeater sites and will help with the club emergency communications trailer. If you would like to serve on this group with James and Jeremy Tannehill, KC0UJZ, please e-mail James at [email protected]

We had 3 people renew their club membership for 2015 at the December meeting and an anonymous member donation in support of the club.

Meeting adjourned at 1911.