927.0125 - PL 162.2 Hz repeater operational


Yesterday, Randy, K0RLV, came down and climbed the tower and installed the repeater antenna for the 927.0125 machine.

Today, I got a chance to do some drive testing and worked it from Wheatland, Bolivar, Republic, Clever, Cape Fair, Crane and from just north of Cassville on Hwy 248. I can work it on my 2.5 watt HT from inside my house between Republic and Billings.

This is a new frequency compared to the last time it was operational, so if you need your radio re-programmed, shoot me an email. I am set up to program the Motorola GTX mobiles and HT's, Motorola LCS2000 mobiles, Motorola Spectra mobiles and the Motorola MTX9250 portables. All the above radios can be had for less than $150 on ebay, and sometimes much cheaper. If you are interested in getting on 900, let me know. There are Several folks that have numerous 900 rigs that they are willing to sell at a fair price.

The repeater is a high-power 150-Watt Motorola MSF-5000, and we have 124-Watts going out to the antenna. The receiver has a 2-cavity band pass filter with 21 dB pre-amp. It seems to be really evenly matched. 

Please pass this info on to other hams that may be interested in trying a new band or checking out something different.


James Adkins, KB0NHX