February Club Meeting

Thanks to everyone that came out to the meeting tonight.  We had 24 folks show up to the meeting, including 3 non-ham visitors that we spoke to after the meeting.  They are interested in getting their license and getting on the air.  We also had 11 people test at the VE testing session.  We almost didn't have enough tables for everyone.  The VE team earned their money today.  Great job guys!

And, as we anticipated, Bob, N7WY, had a great presentation about what GPS signaling really is, how your PND (Personal Navigation Device) really works, and that GPS is really all about time.  It is amazing how weak a signal our GPS receivers in our PND's can work with.  And the history of GPS was interesting as well.  A huge thanks to Bob for the great presentation!

A quick reminder - I invite everyone to attend the severe weather spotting class on Tuesday, February 24th at 1445 N Boonville at the Assembly of God HQ.  Training starts at 6:30 p.m.  If you can't make it then, there are other training sessions throughout the area, and you can check out the date, time & location at the following address:


We encourage everyone to attend one of these free training classes so you can be more aware of severe WX when it's in your area and be more of an asset in reporting severe weather via the SkyWarn system.

73 & see you at the March meeting!

James Adkins