NARC Meeting Minutes 4/11/15

James (KB0NHX) brought the meeting to order at 18:09. 20 people were in attendance.

Jeff Morrissey (KB0WVT)
James gave the technical report.  James also gave a report about the funding for the communications trailer.  The technical report, and information on the communications trailer is also attached below.

A vote was taken for the purchase of a communications trailer by a show of hands.  The vote was unanimous for the purchase. 

Additional questions were taken about the trailer after the vote.

James checked with Jim (KC0IYI) Hamfest committee to see if there was anything to report this month.    Larry Grinstead (WA0JZK) was not present at the meeting and there was nothing additional to report.

James introduced John Copelin (KC0QNM) who gave a presentation on the proper use of multimeters.  John began his presentation at 18:17 and concluded at 19:19.  

After the presentation, James asked the membership present about some of the proposals for Field Day locations.  While considering locations at Clever, and Crane, the consensus of the membership was to hold Field Day at the High Pointe Elementary School near Nixa.  James entertained additional questions about Field Day and mentioned we would be doing additional planning for Field Day at the next scheduled meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned by James at 19:25

Technical Report:

Problem has cropped up again at the 145.270 repeater site – interference noted on weak signals
Jeremy, KC0UJZ, not aware of anything new going on there.
Contacted John, W0PM, he is going to check with Christian County 911 to see if they have turned their microwave back on (was causing the same interference last time)

Club Communications Trailer information:

Club Communications Trailer0I visited Bill Sutter of Sutter Trailer in January and obtained a quote from him of $6,370.00 to purchase a 7’ X 16’ enclosed trailer

Larry, WA0JZK, submitted a grant to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and received $3,000 towardthe trailer

Larry, WA0JZK, and James, KB0NHX, met with representatives from Mercy and the Outdoor Fitness Festival
Mercy has donated $3,000 toward the trailer
Outdoor Fitness is donating $1,500 toward the trailer
Will be contacting folks in the near future to help with the Antenna Assistance Grant of $2,000.  We are leaning for a date of Saturday, May 2.  If you would like to help, please contact James after the meeting or by e-mail

With the $6,370 received – would like to get approval from membership to go ahead with the purchase of the trailer.  There is a 6-8 week lead time.
The $2,000 Antenna Assistance grant and remaining monies will be used to build the operating stations and finish the interior of the trailer.

Treasurer's report:

NARC Main Account
Beginning Balance:  $2060.69 with $30 in petty cash
Debits:$210.85 Repeater parts – Lost Creek Technical Svcs

Debit Total $210.85

Credits:Dues - $192.00
Dividend - $0.36
Donation - $11.00
Donation - $3,000 – Community Foundation of the Ozarks (for trailer/Recommended by an anonymous donor)
Donation - $1,500 – Mercy Seniors (for trailer)

Credit Total $4,703.36
Ending Balance: $6,553.20 with $30 in petty cash

Hamfest Account:

Beginning Balance $2161.260
Debits $0.00
Debit Total $0.00

$0.53 - Dividend
Credit Total $0.53
Ending balance $2,161.79