Field Day 2015 is in the books

Well everything has been taken down and FD 2015 is a wrap. We could not have asked for a perfect weekend, the weather could not have been ordered to be better. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who was able to make it out. It all started looking good from set up time, plenty of people showed up and worked together to have all stations up and running in time for people to get a break before starting to operate. Plenty of people come out and spent time operating and visiting. We saw alot of good friends that always are able to make it and we also had alot of new faces. We even had some visitors from other clubs drop in. We ended up putting well over 1000 QSO's in our FD log. All and all I would say we could not have asked for a better event. I will go over and get our scores put together and let everyone know the exact numbers.

Again thanks to everyone who was able to make it, but a special thanks to those who helped with set up and tear down, making that extra effort to ensure everyone has a successful field day. Its time to start making plans and getting ideas for next year!