Meeting Minutes 61315

Prior to the beginning of the meeting videos from previous Field Day events were shown.  Members enjoyed looking at past events.

James Atkins, KB0NHX brought the meeting to order at 19:09

Fourteeb members and all four officers were present.

James asked Jeff Morrissey to provide the Treasurer's report.  Report is attached at the end of the minutes.

James asked if the Hamfest committee had updates and Larry (WA0JZK) gave a report.  Among the items that Larry reported was the need to get rental tables nailed down, a report on the speakers who have committed, and a report on the vendors who have committed.

James asked Rob to provide an update on VE testing, Four individuals tested and four passed the tech license.

James gave a technical report on recent projects.  He spoke about the changes made at Cox South  and how antennas were reinstalled at the site.  He indicated that the 6 meter amplifier had died. The will be be additional communication on sites next month.  

James gave an update on the communications trailer and it's status as well as plans for the build out.  

James then introduced Kent Doucey (N0IRM) who spoke with the membership about our Field Day preparations and needs. 

After the presentation  James outlined the expected expenses for Field Day such as gas for the command bus.  

The meeting was adjourned at 19:57

NARC Main Account

Beginning Balance:    $8526.42 with $30 in petty cash

$300 Liability Insurance
$.58 PayPal Fees

Debit Total $300.58

Dues - $12.65

Credit Total $12.65

Ending Balance:  $8238.49 with $30 in petty cash


Beginning Balance $2061.79

$50.00 Catering Deposit

Debit Total $50.00


Credit Total $0

Ending balance $2,011.79