Volunteers Needed for Tour De Bass

Good evening everyone,

It's again that time of year to start planning for our involvement in the Tour de Bass bicycle ride.  This year the ride will be on Sunday, October 9, 2016.

We need volunteers to sweep the rides for the event.  This person will follow behind the last rider in the ride so we know where the last rider is at all times.  Having APRS capabilities, whether by radio or via smart phone is ideal for this assignment.  We have the following rides available for sweep:


We are also looking for 4 people to act as SAGs for the ride.  These folks should have a car with a bike rack or a pickup truck and either radio or smart phone APRS capabilities.  This assignment helps riders that are having mechanical problems or are exhausted and need a ride to the next rest stop, or in some instances, back to the start / finish line

Lastly, we need folks to man the rest stops.  We have the following rest stops available - and we like to have a pair at each stop so that restroom breaks and lunch breaks are not a problem:

Mercy Orthopedic Center - Evans Rd
Republic Mercy Clinic
295 S Farm Rd 89 (near Elwood)
Casey's Convenience Store - W. Chestnut & Orchardcrest
Mercy Willard Clinic
Oovda Winery
Strafford Mercy Clinic
TBA - near Turner's Station (E Springfield)

Communications will be via a linked repeater system that consists of the following repeaters:
147.015 + PL 162.2 Hz - East Springfield
147.225 + PL 162.2 Hz - West Springfield
442.425 + PL 162.2 Hz - South Springfield

The 145.270 - PL 162.2 Hz in Nixa will be the tactical / talk around repeater

Please email me direct at adkins.james at gmail.com ASAP if you can help out with this event!  If you have questions feel free to call me at the number below or send me an email.
James Adkins, KB0NHX
President, Nixa ARC (K0NXA)