Warsaw SMLRS Repeater online!

It's time to re-program your radios!

The SMLRS has a new repeater on the SMLRS system located in Warsaw, MO.

The repeater is on 147.075+ PL 127.3 Hz.  You can run full PL on this repeater, meaning you must encode a PL of 127.3 Hz and you can also use decode on your radio for the 127.3 Hz tone.  Running decode helps keep your radio from opening squelch from far away or weak signals and general interference.

The 147.075 repeater is linked to the SMLRS 100% of the time via an RF link to the Stockton Lake hub repeater, and runs on 100% battery power like the 145.270 in Nixa.

We will be updating the SMLRS and NixaHams websites in the near future to reflect this addition.

For more information on SMLRS, visit www.smlrs.info


James Adkins, KB0NHX