442.425 Repeater operational at the new Clever location

The 442.425 is on the air and operating with the old repeater from Cox South at the new Clever location.  This is just a 20-Watt repeater with 15-watts out of the duplexers.  So far coverage reports have been good.  Send an email to the #442.425 groups.io list if you'd like to send in your signal report from your location along with your radio power and antenna.

Thanks to Randy, K0RLV and Warren, KD0ELT who did the tower work.

Thanks to our Ground crew also - Randy was happy with our performance on the ground!  It consisted of Shawn, KE0JGI, Preston, KE0JGH, Lynn, N0PMQ, Bill, KD0STZ, Richard, N0MIO and James, KB0NHX.

We started loading equipment to take to the site at 8 this morning and left the site late on 05-06, thankfully the weather was nice!

The 224.280 equipment is on site but we have to work through a couple of issues before we can bring it online and we will send an update when it is.

James Adkins, KB0NHX