Nixa ARC repeater remote control project

Special thanks to Todd, AD0RR, for all his work (and putting up with James!) on the Nixa ARC repeater remote control project. Todd’s device utilized a Raspberry Pi3 and a home-brew prototype Pi-hat that allows us to see what poets are receiving signals at a repeater site, turn a repeater and / or link radio off and back on, and also completely program the repeater remotely via the Internet! We plan on rolling out the first unit soon, it will be a huge asset for the SMLRS and allow us to identify what repeater or link radio is receiving a signal.
The hardware, with additional wiring and software, will allow for us to incorporate spectral fingerprinting of interfering signals remotely and expedite the process of locating malicious interference as well when paired with the RFL (Remote Field Unit). Thanks to Steffen, KC0NQE for his expertise and help on this front! I’m continually amazed with some of the technical expertise we have at our fingertips with our club membership and what can be accomplished when we mesh those expertise together as a group!