927.0125 - Repeater back online!

About a month or so ago we took a damaging lightening strike at the 927.0125 repeater site.  Today we were able to bring it back online thanks to Bryce, N0NKX, donating the needed Station Control Card.  We did a check of the repeater and antenna system and found no other problems.  In fact, at 76-Watts output, we had 308 mW reflected! 

For those not familiar, we have two 33cm repeaters online in the area:

NE Springfield - 927.0125 (-) PL 162.2 Hz
Crane               - 927.1125 (-) PL 162.2 Hz
** Input is - 25 MHz

If plans hold together, we hope to have these two repeaters linked together soon!

Look forward to hearing you on 33cm soon!

James Adkins, KB0NHX