Repeater Updates for SMLRS

Todd, AD0RR, and James, KB0NHX, have completed the rehabilitation of the backup south hub for the SMLRS - the 442.425+ PL 162.2 Hz - in Clever and the repeater is now back in service!
The Bendavis 444.775+ PL 110.9 Hz has been removed from service pending electrolytic capacitor replacement and front end filter cleaning.  We'll let you know when that job is completed.  During this process, you may hear an extra courtesy tone on the East side of the system when you are on Willow Springs or Rolla.
This is the last hub repeater to get rehabilitated.  When it is complete, we'll start on the Motorola MSF-5000 VHF repeaters at Willow Springs, Rolla and Nevada  It is possible we will install the spare MSF-5000 at the Granby 145.390 site for an upgrade there.