Club Meeting Saturday May 13th, 2023

Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. please join us at the Nixa Fire Station located at 711 N Main Street in Nixa.

We have a really neat presentation lined up for you at the May club meeting.  Willem Schreuder, AC0KQ, the Director for Continuing Education for the RMHAM system in Colorado, will be giving a presentation about the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Amateur Microwave Network that covers from Cheyene, WY to Albuquerque, NM and consists of 239 sites and 791 devices!  Their design, unlike AREDN and HamNet, does NOT use all available addresses.  They have designed their system to be robust and be an "amateur radio common carrier" for direct, point to point traffic and NOT an Internet service provider carrying traffic from many different amateur radio entities with traffic entering the network and exiting the network at different places.  They are currently working toward coverage out to the 4 corners of Colorado with extensive buildout into New Mexico over the next couple years.

If you are a networking guru, or are curious if this is something that would be a fun project that could be helpful in our region, and would like to hear some of the cool stuff they are doing with their Amateur Radio Microwave Network and the technical aspects behind it, this is a presentation for you!  If you cannot make it in person, it will also be available online via Microsoft Teams with a link being sent out here and on Facebook the day of the meeting.

If you would like to see more about the RMHAM system go to

Below is a Microsoft Teams Registration Link if you can't attend in person.

Club Meeting Saturday April 8th, 2023

This Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. please join us at the Nixa Fire Station located at 711 N Main Street in Nixa for a presentation about the Icom D-Star digital mode by George Schindler, WB0IIS, of St. Louis during our monthly club meeting.  George was instrumental in bringing D-Star to the St. Louis area and has been a part of the Missouri Digital Group which has since brought other digital modes to the St. Louis area.  George has set up several D-Star systems in the area as well as a full D-Star repeater stack!

George has also been a part of the Missouri Repeater Council helping with the coordination of repeaters around the state while also helping hams with their digital repeaters all around the state.

Bring your questions to the meeting about Icom's D-Star digital mode and learn tricks on programming and using your mobile and portable radios as well as some behind the scenes information about the D-Star repeater and network infrastructure.

Below is the registration link for the teams meeting if you can't attend in person

Club meeting - SATURDAY, 3-11-23 @ 6:00 p.m

Saturday 3/11  we have a great presentation planned with training in severe weather and severe weather spotting.  Steve Runnels, the National Weather Service Warning Coordinator for the Springfield, MO office, will be at our club meeting ready to give us lots up great information on spotting, severe weather, and how we can help.

If you haven't been able to attend one of the local spotter talks, this will be a good alternative and also get some additional information that you won't get at the generic training.

We'll have some updates on club repeaters and projects and as usual we'll have a Q&A about the repeaters as well as after the weather presentation.

If you haven't had a chance to renew your 2023 Nixa ARC dues, I'll be at the meeting and ready to add you to the roster.

If you are unable to join us in person for tonight's meeting and would like to still join us virtually, click on the link below and register for the meeting this evening.  


James Adkins, KB0NHX
Treasurer & Repeater Trustee - Nixa ARC, Inc.

December club meeting update

We had a great turnout at the December club meeting - doing a quick head count we had 30 people in attendance for some good BBQ and to hear some exciting news about the club.

First, I withdrew my name from the nomination for the club President position.   As some of you know I am already the President of the Missouri Repeater Council and it had been brought up that it would look bad if I won the election and was the President of Nixa who has the most repeaters of any club in the state.  The more I thought about it the more I was concerned that it might not portray the positive image on the club that we have worked hard to keep.  Therefore, Shawn Roesslet, KE0JGI, will remain on through acclimation as President of the club.   

As you know the Treasurer role has been open for about a year with the other club officers splitting those duties.  I did volunteer to fill that spot if they felt comfortable appointing me to fulfill the remaining term for that position.  Therefore, I will be acting as Treasurer for the club - the only officer position I had yet to fulfill - and I’m looking forward to being more involved as our youngest graduates from High School this spring.  He is going into accounting and claims he can teach his OM some tricks with Excel and Quicken.

In other news, Shawn, KE0JGI, applied for and received a grant from the Nixa Community Foundation for close to $2200 to replace the 6.0 dBd gain DB-224E antenna we installed in 2003 on the 145.270 with an 8.5 dBd gain Comprod 874F-70TM antenna.  The repeater is now used by Christian County ARES for their weekly net as well as for severe weather spotting in Christian County.   The repeater performance has been degrading the last several years and we are counting on the new antenna system to get us back to where we were previously and even better with the higher gain.   Also at this site Jeremy, KC0UJZ, of Verizon let me know they replaced the 48vdc battery plant last week and shut off both 3G cabinets of equipment so our power source will have a longer life during power outages.  We plan to take advantage of the backup power and move our Quantar repeater from a 120vac to a 48vdc power supply and be grid independent for normal operations in 2023.  

The other hot topics regarding club repeaters revolves around the Crane 442.150 - we found it to be 6.332 kHz off frequency on transmit while receive is right on frequency.   James, KB0NHX, has seen this one time before but it was another person’s repeater and they opted to replace it instead of troubleshoot.  We are looking for a Motorola MSF-5000 CXB Uniboard for the UHF repeater currently.

We also talked about the 53.270 and the Queen City Digital projects - we don’t have any updates but will try to get an update by the January meeting for everyone.   As of now, it’s still a go but the timeline is not set yet.

Randy, KC0UKB, and James, KB0NHX, gave everyone some unexpected and neat information about the club’s new website that is under construction.  We hope to unveil it at the January club meeting and the designer is planning on being at the meeting.  He is a college student that attends MSU majoring in web design.  He was discovered by Jim, KC0IYI, when he worked the same rest stop at the Tour de Bass.  He is very interested in amateur radio and from what we’ve seen so far it is very neat!  What is really cool is one of his scholarships requires him to have a certain number of volunteer hours for a 501c3 and we worked with his sponsor to allow him to use his education and volunteer requirements to count toward his scholarship hours - a win for us and him both!  The online membership process is going to be great as once you pay you will get a receipt automatically and it will add you to that year’s roster on the website.  We are super excited to give our website a huge refresh!

Shawn, KE0JGI, gave us the numbers for the Hamfest and we had 218 people in attendance and after all bills were paid we netted $1543 in profits to go into the SMLRS fund to support the link system which is generally enough to replace an antenna or pay for a tower climb.  It can also be used to replace or buy replacement parts for repeaters like the 442.150 in Crane we spoke about earlier.  We greatly thank all that came to the Hamfest and for the Hamfest committee for their hours planning this year’s event.

Lastly, we are working with the Aurora club and SMARC along with other clubs in the region to hold a new years net on the 145.270 Nixa repeater.  Exact time will follow soon.  The goal is to get a lot of people on the air that night and checking into various non-linked repeaters in the region.  We hope you will support this effort and fire up your rig on New Years Eve this year - when we have a schedule we’ll let you know.   Anyone that wants to be net control should email me asap - it will be first come / first served for NCS for the net.

If you would like to continue running the NARC net on Thursdays at 7:30 pm or if you would like to give being a Net Control a try, now is the time to let us know - it’s just a once per month obligation and we send out the announcements for the net so all you have to do is simply read them and run the net.  The repeater linking is all automatic so there are no crazy codes to enter or to worry about.  Again, email [email protected] and let us know if you want to run the net one night a month in 2023.

 73 & we’ll see you back at the fire station for our January 2023 meeting!

James Adkins, KB0NHX
Treasurer & Repeater Trustee
Nixa ARC, Inc (K0NXA)